Frequently Asked Questions

Children with a wide range of conditions will benefit from input from the practice. Specialising in neurological conditons (including Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Delay, Developmental Co-ordination Disorder, Spina Bifida, Genetic Syndromes and Acquired Brain Injuries) and associated problems, including respiratory conditions and orthopaedic conditions.
Adults with conditions present from birth, or acquired during childhood will also benefit from assessment and treatment.

You can self refer directly. Please contact by telephoning 07817593965, or by using the email enquiry submission form found on the Contact page.

Your child will usually be seen within one week.

Your first appointment will involve a detailed assessment of your child. This will include gathering information about the history of your child’s condition, how they are affected by their condition, what difficulties they experience and what they would like to improve and achieve. We will also discuss the impact on the family and what your concerns and aims are. A full physical examination will also be carried out in order to provide the necessary information to analyse your child’s current ability and identify areas for improvement. Following completion of your child’s assessment, discussion will take place as to the most appropriate type and frequency of treatment.

Your first appointment will last one hour. Subsequent sessions are most often of the same duration, however this will be discussed at your initial appointment and the most suitable duration agreed. Time will vary depending on your child’s age, exercise tolerance and level of concentration.

Frequency will vary depending on your child’s condition. Following your child’s initial assessment, the most beneficial frequency will be agreed. Examples of different available frequencies include a one off assessment, regular monitoring, frequent blocks, ongoing weekly input or higher interventions for specific periods e.g. following surgery.

Morning, afternoon and evening appointments are available. This provides a family focused service, ensuring the flexibility of a time where your child will be most responsive to treatment and free from other commitments.

Treatment costs varying depending on the frequency of treatment required, the duration of the sessions and the location of the sessions. Sessions are available from £30.

Yes, you may receive both. If other services are involved, regular communication is important in order to provide maximum benefit. It is also beneficial to your child for the practice to communicate with their consultant and GP. This usually takes the form of written assessments and reports.