Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)

Acquired Brain Injury encompasses non-degenerative traumatic and non-traumatic injuries to the brain which occur after birth. Traumatic injuries occur from events such as head injury accidents and assaults, and non-traumatic injuries may arise from infection, stroke, tumours, hypoxia and metabolic disorders.
The affect of the injury is variable and may include physical, cognitive and emotional changes. This is dependent on the area, and degree, of the brain injured. Scanning can be useful in establishing the nature and degree of injury.

Physiotherapy is extremely beneficial for children with Acquired Brain Injury. Early intervention is important in facilitating recovery and maximising potential. It also aids in minimising any possible complications such as muscle shortening and joint contractions. Following a detailed assessment will to determine your child’s abilitites and difficulties, and treatment plan and goals will be discussed and agreed. Suitable treatment techniques will be implemented and specific handling techniques used to facilitate normal body alignment and movement patterns enabling your child to re-learn skills and regain function. In order to achieve the desired carry over, parents/carers will also be taught specific handling skills and treatment techniques. In some cases, due to the degree of damage, a full recovery is not possible. Physiotherapy will maximise your child’s functional ability, minimise further physical complications and provide the necessary physical support through use of appropriate equipment.